Online Compass Has Closed

To users of Online Compass: The Online Safety Self- Review Tool. The Online Compass Tool was introduced in 2012 and has been used by thousands of organisations that work with children and young people to review and improve their online safety provision.

Since then, there have been major changes in digital technologies, particularly in the way that these are used by children and young people. Legislation and guidance has changed accordingly and it is therefore important that we keep our tolls and advice up to date.

Last year, we introduced two new self-review tools which will replace Online Compass. They are easier to use and more up to date than the previous tool. By introducing two separate tools we can make these more relevant and focussed to the different user groups:

Both tools are supported by a set of policy templates and by links to relevant organisations, documents and resources. Certificates become available as the settings / groups progress through the tool.